About The Owner

Cazz the owner

Cazz is the owner of this fabulous house to rent for parties. In recent years she has developed a unique business of renting her home to private clients for special celebrations. She has been doing this for over ten years both as an agent for other large property owners and as a large luxury property owner herself. She previously owned and rented out Mill View Manor, a former house to rent for parties.

A house party gives you the opportunity to bring together friends and family in a relaxed and informal setting. If you are looking for a luxury big house to rent for a private celebration with the facilities of a hotel but without the restrictions, Cazz certainly has the experience and will work with you to arrange the package that suits you and the occasion.

Call Cazz on 07966 443 536 to discuss your requirements.

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A bit more about Cazz….

Cazz went to the famous Sylvia Young Stage School and worked from the age of ten in Stage, Television, Film and Modelling.

At the age of 15 Cazz took part in a Thames T.V. documentary about her life teaching mentally handicapped children all about dance. She also went into show business as a Dancer and Actress. She featured in many famous T.V. commercials one being “Wot No Beef ” playing Sharon, with many more to follow. In fact she was in nine in one year!!

Cazz appeared in Santa Claus The Movie, The Hunger, Little Dorritt, The Bill, Tuckers Luck and Camille. She explored all avenues in television and was a long-time team member of Zoo on Top Of the Pops in the 1980’s!! With many other T.V. dance shows to follow.

Cazz has a passion for dance and loves to dance at any given opportunity. She once even asked Prince Charles for a dance and, of course, he accepted! Cazz was a teacher at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios teaching Modern Jazz. In 2001 she taught dance for the Stagecoach Children’s Theatre Group.

Creating luxury accommodation has meant that Cazz has developed a talent for interior design with the wow factor. As a result of this, she is now offering her services as an interior design consultant for fabulous interiors.